Kryštof English Preschool > All inclusive

SIBLING is charged 80% of full tuition fees regardless the attendance option (valid only in case both siblings attend at the same time).

SIBLING is charged 50% of full tuition fees regardless their attendance option (valid only in case both siblings enrol at the same time).

The price includes:

  • top quality lunch, homemade morning and afternoon snacks
  • drinks (tea, water, organic juices)
  • your child´s portfolio recording its progress with teacher’s comments
  • photo gallery on a CD
  • monthly newsletter with vocabulary and songs
  • daily contacts with teachers, individual parent-teacher meetings
  • PREVENTION OF SPEECH DISORDERS followed by speech therapy procedures including a recommended speech therapist
  • birthday party incl. a small present
  • MIKULÁŠ PARTY incl. theatre performance and presents
  • MAGIC SCHOOL offers preparatory activities for elementary school
  • DIPLOMA DAY - farewell to school year and future schoolchildren
  • all entrance tickets (concerts, theatres, ZOO, Botanical garden,Toulcův dvůr, Ecocentre etc...) incl. transport
  • guaranteed participation in SUMMER CAMPs with Kryštof (part-time, full-time)
  • professional ski school during WINTER CAMP
  • cycling lessons as a part of SPRING CAMP
  • guaranteed continuity in the teaching programme for schoolchildren (KRYŠTOF CLUB JUNIOR)
  • SIGNIFICANT PRICE BENEFITS for graduates in next years