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ENROLMENT: children are accepted also during the school year if there is free capacity. After a prior arrangement, we enable to parents, who are interested, to take part in activities with their child just to try and see the work in our preschool. At the same time we respect individual needs of both children and parents and we take them into consideration during a child´s adaptaion to preschool environment.

SAFETY of the children is our priority. The rooms and areas where classes take place are carefully chosen and equipped with full regard to security standards. The same concerns our garden incl. garden playing equipment.

SUNNY SUMMER CAMP/SUMMER WORK FOR PUBLIC AND EVEN FOR BOTH PRESCHOOL NEEDS AND JUNIOR PROGRAMS takes place in July. Carefully selected program guarantees a summer spent in a meaningful and interesting way.

WINTER CAMP takes place in January; it combines skiing with English.

SPRING CAMP takes place in May; it combines cycling with English.

Another priority is close collaboration and personal contact with parents which is one of the reasons why we do not provide transport services of children to school.

OUR TEAM is stable, qualified and experienced, all teachers take part in an initial training and are familiar with our curriculum (PECF and MONTESSORI teaching principles).

Food is provided in the form of morning and afternoon snack (sandwich, fruit, vegetable, cereals, yoghurts, milk) and lunch (soup, main course, fruit, dessert). The food we offer is of good quality and tasty, it corresponds with a healthy live style. Beverages are availble all day long (tea, juice, fruit drinks, water). We need information about possible alergies to food of a child. We strictly follow doctor´s or parents´ statements! We respect parents´ opinions on menu contents.