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Preparation for flawless entry to primary school is designed through play, later also worksheets and implemented as MAGIC SCHOOL. A trained and qualified teacher works with the children. Well-chosen time of teaching (always during morning hours) and targeted content (see below) are a guarantee of meaningful preparation.

MAGIC SCHOOL focuses on the following areas:
  • mathematical concepts (less x more, sorting/grading, assessment of quantity)
  • spatial and time orientation (position, time sequence …)
  • visual recognition (assembling a picture, differentiation ability …)
  • auditory perception (auditory differentiation, auditory analysis …)
  • memory
  • language (generic terms, antonyms, synonyms …)
  • fine motor skills (drawing, drawing of shapes, imitating handwriting/letters …)

There is a great emphasis with preschoolers on decision-making and responsibility associated with their decision. The children are encouraged to be independent.

We have been awarded the ŠANCE PRO VAŠE DÍTĚ (CHANCE FOR YOUR CHILD) certificate, which entitles us to test for school readiness. This project was co-financed by the European Social Fund and the state budget of the Czech Republic - Community added value - "Investment in Education Development". According to the parents´ wishes, we perform one testing in autumn and the second in spring, if necessary. The results of this testing does not only provide clear information about preschool readiness of each child but also serves as a good guide for further improvement of our preschool training. Another positive aspect of the project is methodological guide complementing the preparation. MAGIC SCHOOL preparatory programme contains elements of MONTESSORI education, too.