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KRYŠTOF ENGLISH PRESCHOOL is designed for children of all nationalities including those without any knowledge of English aged 2,5 years to 7 years. KRYŠTOF provides a unique programme for small groups of children (max. 6) led by English native speakers. The programme is based on learning mother language and is thus understandable with or without previous knowledge of English.

English with KRYŠTOF is fun, joyful and playful. KRYŠTOF motivates children to ask, discover and use the language immediately. Important activities include games, songs and rhymes. The teaching programme is based on the British curriculum - Primary English Curriculum Framework (PEFC) - adapted for preschool children´s needs together with MONTESSORI teaching elements. The acquired knowledge are basis for natural and successful entry to primary school, including bilingual Czech-English and international schools.

PEFC includes the following areas:
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication, Language and Literacy
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Math Development
  • Physical Development
  • Creative Development
KRYŠTOF´S programme is based on the principle of long-term projects (topics) on which children work over a period of one or two weeks. We choose fiction, songs, rhymes and additional activities including games in accordance with the topics.

Example of such projects are TRANSPORT, MY TOWN, OCCUPATION, SHAPES, CLOTHES and others. The project is mostly completed with a final event.

Your child´s work is recorded in their portfolio which will provide an overview of all projects and your child´s development at the end of the school year. The portfolio is available upon request throughout the year. Another way of informing parents on individual projects is 10 newsletters available on monthly basis. The parents can learn about not only the vocabulary and songs but also teaching methods, aims and fiction books used during teaching. Last but not least, we offer parents individual parent-teacher meetings.