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Kolumbus Language Club for adults offers courses of ENGLISH, GERMAN, SPANISH, FRENCH, JAPANESE and of course CZECH for foreigners.

Discover a new world with us, a world of new opportunities, a world of new business associates and friends!!!

Do you want to talk to them? Do you want to write to them? Do you want to express yourself and understand a phone call with a client, a partner or a close friend? Then it will be our pleasure to teach you!

Kolumbus uses a method unique for its spontaneity, effectiveness and ability to discover a feeling for language in you. It is based on our vast personal professional experience in language teaching. Our method is not only highly effective, but also interesting. Each lesson revolves around a story about which a client - beginner -gets a basic idea in his/her mother tongue. A client with language experience gets this first idea about the story in the foreign language. This enables us to use new words and grammar immediately and thus to prepare conditions for conversation at the lowest possible level. Another advantage is the number of students in the group – maximum three. Apart from traditional materials, we use innovative teaching materials (e.g. simultaneous perception of word, image and sound).