KRYŠTOF a CLIL v ZŠ Černošice

Kryštof Club Junior

In the Černošice Primary School, there is one classroom of first graders every year that follows the CLIL Method. It means that this classroom has chosen some school subjects which are taught in English. The chosen subjects, besides English, are Science and Arts and Crafts. Teachers who teach by this method are trained native speakers with experience and praxis. The guarantor is the Czech teacher with relevant university certification. We have been cooperating with Černošice Primary School for 4 years.

This type of integrated teaching has two main goals – content and language. Contemporary school curricula allow and support the integration of subjects and educational programmes, what CLIL fully reflects. The realisation of CLIL includes new procedures which engages the student into education more intensively.

If you want to know more about this project, please visit the webpage of Černošice Primary School or contact us. The application for CLIL is conditioned by the application to Černošice Primary School, you cannot apply for CLIL without applying to Černošice Primary School.