KRYŠTOF CLUB mini JUNIOR 2016/2017

Kryštof English Preschool

A child aged under 6 years undergoes a sensitive period for language learning. We profit from this fact not only in our preschool but also in KRYŠTOF CLUB mini Junior. With the help of MONTESSORI pedagogy elements, songs, chants, and books, the child does not learn the language deliberately but absorbs it passively. He or she does it easily and without any effort. The example is set by prepared multicultural environment created by native speakers.

In the morning, an English native speaker guides his or her little pupils from 8am to 1pm. A working cycle starts at 9am incl. a snack, then outdoor activities follow. The children can be picked up after lunch at 1pm.

  • naturally and easily with a native speaker
  • for children aged 3 – 7 years
  • possible to combine with a Czech preschool
  • coherent program (Kryštof Preschool portfolio)
  • two locations (Prague 10 or Černošice)